Multiple Glasses of Water Daily Do Wonders for Skin

Everything comes back to water. It’s the essence of life and how often do we hear about drinking the daily recommended eight glasses a day? It’s talked about because it’s important.
We know that water helps with our body, but it also helps with our skin.
When we consume water, it does not go straight to our skin. But what water does for our bodies in return helps our skin quite a bit.
First off, when we are properly hydrated, so is our skin. Our skin can breath properly, and look nicer with the proper amount of water consumed. Water also helps our blood, gets rid of toxins, and regulates our body. All of these small process work together for an overall better sense of health. Included in this health is our skin. When our body is able to function better, clearer, and faster, it’s able to keep our skin clear and healthy.
As mentioned, our body collects toxins. Those toxins build up and in some cases can go to the pores of our skin. Over time they may develop into pimples or acne. However, water flushes all those toxins out, and helps our body excrete all the bad stuff inside of us. In return, when our pores are clear and stay clear it gives us the chance to have healthier skin.

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